86: The Truth about Truly Bedrock

What does the future hold for Truly Bedrock?

Episode Hosts

In this episode, Foxy and Slack discuss the Copper Block Family and the Tuff Block Family being added to Minecraft Betas, Previews and Snapshots before taking a moment to discuss what's going on with Truly Bedrock and what the future might hold for the SMP.

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Minecraft - 1.20.40 (Bedrock)

Minecraft Beta & Preview -

Minecraft: Java Edition Snapshot - 23w43a


Changes using /gamerule do not persist when a world is unloaded/reloaded

Good Ideas Bin

JAVA Edition to get Bedrock's movable tile entities
- Suggested by C.J.

Volcano Biome
- Suggested by Ecifer

A wrench tool to rotate blocks and change if connecting blocks should connect
- Suggested by JenFire, modified by Foxy and Slack

Vines have a maximum age like kelp to stop them over-growing
- Suggested by NotSoBlueSheep

Putting Copper under Dripstone with water sources de-ages it faster
Also creates rusted Iron Blocks
- Suggested by Ecifer, modified by Foxy and Slack

Ability to create End Portals to make the End Dimension work more like The Nether
Not the same as dungeon End Portals. 
- Suggested by Ecifer

Toggle in the Villager Workstation UI to prevent villagers linking
- Suggested by Scott Young

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