85: Hot Take: Mojang shouldn't have released the Crafter

Mojang are the biggest game in the world. But they suck at Marketing!

Episode Hosts

In this episode, Foxy and Slack discuss Minecraft live and all of the new features proposed for Minecraft 1.21.
Foxy has ideas for how he thinks Mojang should have changed the show and the hosts discuss how the new automatic Crafter block shouldn't have been released yet.

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Minecraft Live

Mob Vote Winner: Armadillo

Minecraft Beta & Preview -

Minecraft: Java Edition - Snapshot 23w42a


All sound in Windows stops working after 40-41% loading

Good Ideas Bin

Caps Lock Key toggles crouch on Minecraft Bedrock
- Suggested by !pinapple

Pet wolves don't take damage from their owners
- Suggested by Brood591

A new boss that gives permenant additional hearts to the player
Untill you die
- Suggested by XZONE

Copper doors are locked and unlocked with a redstone pulse
- Suggested by Veluux

Phantoms can be tamed and ridden like flying horses
- Suggested by Ecifer

Fun Ideas Bin

The Dreamscape dimension
When you sleep you are given a prompt to join the dreamscape. A dimension that is a copy of your survival world
that you can make changes to in creative. The changes are not saved and each time you enter the dreamscape, it's updated with the current version of your world.
- Suggested by Nevergirl2010

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