84: Is Bedrock Edition holding Minecraft Back?

Should Minecraft be a lot further on than it is, in terms of development of quality of life features, new mobs, blocks and items?

Episode Hosts

In this episode, Foxy and Slack discuss the Mob Vote including how terrible it is for the community and how much of a negative impact it must have on the actual developers at Mojang. They also discuss how Modded Minecraft is setting such a high bar for the Vanilla game, and realistically, in 10 years, Minecraft really hasn't progressed much.

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Minecraft - 1.20.32 (Bedrock)

Minecraft Beta & Preview -

Minecraft Beta & Preview -

Minecraft: Java Edition Snapshot - 23w41a

Mob Vote

Mob Vote Petition #StopTheMobVote


Sliced Lime


Unable to type any text after writing on a sign and pressing Esc

Enchantment glint showing as solid blocks of material 

Hopper minecart sucks disk from jukebox while on a powered activator rail

Good Ideas Bin

Cauldrons under beehives to collect dripping honey
- Suggested by GAABTY

Piglin Brutes (in any bastion type) have a very rare chance to drop a netherite armor
- Suggested by Maihck (Mike)

Watermelons break as a full watermelon with a piston like pumpkins do
- Suggested by Muffin

An in game method to locate a slime chunk
- Suggested by GAABTY

Place signs and then have to click to edit
Instead of instantly putting them into edit mode
- Suggested by Peony

A toggle in settings to allow for the chance of a Nether spawn when creating a new world
- Suggested by GAABTY

Ability to transfer enchantments from one item to another on the anvil
- Suggested by Coffee_76

Non-full blocks render from further away
- Suggested by JenFire

Freestanding and free-hanging ladders
- Suggested by thebigbluefrog

Petfood bowls that set the home location for a pet wolf or cat.
The pets then stay in that area and don't wander off
- Suggested by Mossy

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