83: Why do Dev's think Mending is so Bad?

Ranty McNotail is back, defending Minecraft against the Developers who want to take us back to the Good Old Days!

Episode Hosts

In this episode, Foxy and Slack discuss the DUCK situation in the Minecraft Monthly video as well as getting heated about Mending!

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Minecraft: Java Edition - 1.20.2

Minecraft - 1.20.31 (Bedrock)

Minecraft Beta & Preview -

Minecraft Monthly - Mob Vote


Special characters all delete text behind them when typed after

Water splash sounds no longer plays after the addition of entering/exiting water sound

Good Ideas Bin

A way to set a Base Spawn Point
Players return to this instead of world spawn if their bed is destroyed or obstructed
- Suggested by Maihck, Modified by Foxy and Slack

Add more paintings with subtle hints at game features
- Suggested by Jack Altrades

More world options but within an advanced section of world settings
- Suggested by tdoolin5723

Geysers in the Overworld that randomly burst steam
Must be immovable like spawners / amethyst clusters. Can be broken, spawn near the surface only
- Suggested by Xenon 177, Modified by Foxy and Slack

A map that works like a mini-map which updates as you travel
- Suggested by XZONE

Night Vision as an option for Beacons
- Suggested by lucyyyy

Be able to place anything anywhere
Why are there restrictions like placing buttons on walls?
- Suggested by JenFire

Get rid of the Bonus Chest
- Suggested by Foxy and Slack

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