80: Villager Trade Re-balance

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In this episode, Foxy and Slack talk about the Villager Trade Rebalancing Part 2, discussing whether it's a good idea to remove features in the name of balancing the game, or if new features should be added instead.

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Minecraft: Java Edition - 1.20.2 Pre-Release 1

Minecraft Beta & Preview -

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Good Ideas Bin

Zombie villagers should have a randomized biome affiliation
- Suggested by Maihck (Mike)

More animals deter hostile mobs
Like cats and creepers, wolves and skeletons
- Suggested by Umechan

Ground Pound Enchantment to stun mobs
- Suggested by Bouncyball, Modified by Foxy and Slack

Potions and tipped arrows of Confusion
Makes hostile mobs turn against other mobs instead of the player
- Suggested by GAABTY, Modified by Foxy and Slack

Stronger variants of TNT
Crafted by a block of TNT surrounded by 8 gunpowder
- Suggested by GAABTY, Modified by Foxy and Slack

A Compass Bar or Day Time Percentage Bar at the top of the screen when holding a compass or clock
- Suggested by Maihck (Mike), Modified by Foxy and Slack

Remove Thorns Enchantment and replace with physical thorns
Thorns drop from Guardians / other mobs and can be crafted on to armor
Thorns also show on the armor visually
- Suggested by MeIsJohn

Glistering Melon can be eaten
Gives Supernatural Saturation (like Golden Carrots) but only 1 Hunger Bar
- Suggested by The Praetor, Modified by Foxy and Slack

Minecarts with Hoppers deposit items into containers below them
Without needing a hopper below them
- Suggested by The Praetor

Dispenser Minecarts
Will dispense items when activated by redstone
- Suggested by Slack

New Hide Armor Gamerule
Allows custom skins and marketplace skins to show through armor
- Suggested by Umechan, Modified by Foxy and Slack

Add Netherwart and Blaze Rod Trades to Cleric
- Suggested by Muffin

All Villager Trades are reversible
- Suggested by Foxy

Players don't slow down when eating
- Suggested by Muffin

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