79: Foxy's Microphone Issues

Are Mojang working on 1.21 now?

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In this episode, Foxy and Slack go through the usual Feedback, News, Bugdate, Wishlist and Questions. Foxy's microphone starts making strange noises and Slack drinks a real Root Beer!

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Minecraft Beta & Preview -

Minecraft Beta & Preview -

Minecraft: Java Edition - Snapshot 23w33a

Minecraft: Java Edition - Snapshot 23w35a

Good Ideas Bin

Change the Wandering Trader to a Wandering Librarian Villager
Arrives at a village as a villager from a different biome with limited trades from that biome to help new players understand that villagers from different biomes have different book trades.
- Suggested by blazethecursed

Soul Torches can be used for dim Jack O'Lanterns
- Suggested by GAABTY

Hoppers can have a state to move items upwards
- Suggested by Xenon177

Iron Golems no longer drop poppies
- Suggested by EyeoftheNyte, modified by Foxy and Slack

Creeper explosions drop all blocks
- Suggested by Green Wardon

All passive mobs are rideable
- Suggested by Green Warden

Ability to change resource packs while in a world
- Suggested by Bouncyball

Magama blocks deal damage on all sides
- Suggested by Squirrel Runs

Head villagers have a fancy hat
- Suggested by TheMike

Carpet can go on stairs
- Suggested by quackstar8

Brewing stands generated during world gen have 1 - 5 blaze powder inside
Helps peaceful players get blaze powder
- Suggested by StoneOstrich129

Hammers that mine 3x3 blocks but cannot instamine any block
- Suggested by Nevergirl2010, modified by Foxy and Slack

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