78: Foxy Tries Root Beer

Is Minecraft Dying?

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In this episode, Foxy drinks Root Beer while discussing the first title update for Minecraft Legends. Slack talks about struggling with motivation for Truly Bedrock which leads to a discussion about the state of Minecraft and what needs to be done to save it.

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Minecraft Legends - Title Update 1

@slicedlime - Twitter


Behavior packs disable achievements

Lava prevents beacon from activating

Player takes fall damage if they stand on an opened chest at Y=63 or Y=62

Good Ideas Bin

Convert the Wandering Trader into a Villager
Keeps it's useless trades which get restocked
Gets new trades as levels up.
- Suggested by notsobluesheep, modified by Foxy and Slack

Enchanted Books stack by data
Books with the same enchantments stack to gether
- Suggested by FrauRuby

Ruined Conduits appear in oceans
Like ruined portals. Helps players understand how to build conduits
- Suggested by manwith0plan

Bridge structures spawn around the world
In ravines, over rivers. Some complete, some broken
- Suggested by GAABTY, modified by Foxy and Slack

Make redstone blocks silent by clicking while holding wool
- Suggested by Whitebush, modified by Foxy and Slack

Tropical Fish eat coral and drop sand
Makes sand renewable. Coral needs to be growable
- Suggested by Whitebush, modified by Foxy and Slack

Fisherman Villagers boat trade is revered based on RNG
Sometimes they will buy, sometimes they will sell
- Suggested by Zodiphile, modified by Foxy and Slack

Renamed items never despawn
- Suggested by GingerMuffin

Abandoned structures signify a dangerous structure nearby
Example: Ruined portals signify a bastion or fortress dependant on side. Villages signify spawners etc.
- Suggested by Ecifer, modified by Foxy and Slack

Stronghold Updates with new rooms, labrynths, puzzles and traps
But only when the End Update happens.
- Suggested bny BasicStupidity, modified by Foxy and Slack

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