76: Villagers Nerfed!

Mojang are contradicting themselves again

Episode Hosts

In this episode, Foxy and Slack discuss the latest Java snapshot with changes to Librarians and updates to the wandering trader.
As usual they also respond to a whole bunch of feedback, wishes, bug reports and questions!

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Minecraft JAVA Snapshot 23W31A

Villager Nerf Feedback


Going through Nether/End portal causes game to get stuck on "Building Terrain", and restarting the game teleports player to the same coordinates of the dimension that they left from

Portal Travel causes death and loss of items

Selected slot defaults to the upper one when opening the inventory

Good Ideas Bin

Horse Armor Enchantments. Racing I - IV
Increases horses base speed to make them a decent source of faster travel
- Suggested by Whitebush, modified by Slack and Foxy

Craft Phantom Membranes into a Zelda like Glider
- Suggested by Slack

Lanterns can be placed on walls
- Suggested by McLucky34

All potions are stackable
- Suggested by Peony

Nautilus shells can be blown to make a conch shell horn sound
- Suggested by MeIsJohn

A way to categorize world folders to make finding them easier
- Suggested by Xenon 177

Remove Suspicious Stew Completely from the Game
- Suggested by The Praetor, modified by Slack and Foxy

Creepers drop 100% of blocks broken
- Suggested by Xenon 177

Tumble Dodging
- Suggested by Borenzo

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