75: Mega Rant!

There's no such thing as free money!

Episode Hosts

In this episode, Foxy goes on a mega rant about business costs, VAT and why Tax Write Off's don't really exist.
Slack and Foxy also talk about the upcoming features in 1.20.20 which include crawling, cameras and some custom biome features coming out of experimental. 
As usual they also respond to a whole bunch of feedback, wishes, bug reports and questions!

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Minecraft - 1.20.13 (Bedrock) (iOS Only)

Minecraft Beta & Preview -

Minecraft Beta & Preview -

Realms now accessible direct from Launcher


Controller controls not functioning correctly in crafting mode.

Get "That's not a Minecraft skin, silly" when trying to use custom skins

Game lags and crashes after update 1.20.10

The discount for curing a villager is multiplied if the villager is reinfected and cured again

Good Ideas Bin

Get rid of Portal Ticking Gold Farms
- Suggested by Slack and Foxy

Beacons have secondary potion effect
The top layer (9x9) block type determines the strength of the effect.
E.g. Iron = Haste I, Gold = Haste II, Diamond = Haste III, Netherite = Haste IV
The bottom layers determine horizontal range
Instead of the current icons in the beacon UI, we have two slots.
The first for an item that determines the beacon effect. For example a pickaxe in the slot would give haste.
The second for a potion bottle that gives the secondary potion effect. For example a night vision potion would give you night vision in the range of the beacon.
- Suggested by Slack and Foxy

Horizontal Stripe Pattern for Banners
- Suggested by Squirrelicious

Dye Shulker Boxes more colors by using the leather in a cauldron dying technique
Mix color of dyes and dip a shulker in to get that color.
- Suggested by T1nyRacoon and MeIsJohn

Get biome specific grass colors with silk touch
- Suggested by IrishViking

Boats go as fast in reverse as they do forwards
- Suggested by GAABTY

Combine the locate command with teleport 
So you don't have to type in two commands and remember the coordinates from the first.
- Suggested by Borenzo

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