74: Have you heard of Google?

Thinking about our perfect update for 1.21

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Foxy rants about why games are actually too cheap these days. 
oxy and Slack discuss what's coming next for Minecraft and what they want to see in the next update.

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Minecraft - 1.20.12 (Bedrock)


Iron Golems spawn in 2 block high space

Swimming mechanics have been altered to where you have to look up at the sky to take a breath

When going through nether portals on realms, you can take suffocation damage and die. (1.20.10)

Elytras do not deactivate when touching the ground

"Abandoned connection closed" error message when trying to join worlds

Good Ideas Bin

Dyeable decorative pots
They use the terracotta color scheme
- Suggested by Squirrelicious

Lodestones prevent mob spawning
Or a custom block in place of a lodestone
This marks the area as a player base region where hostile and passive mobs won't spawn.
- Suggested by JenFire, Modified by Foxy and Slack

Thunder is less loud the further down you are in the world
- Suggested by Borenzo

Rivers actually flow from high ground down to the ocean
Instead of being flat
- Suggested by Squirrelicious

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