76: A bit of a boo-boo!

Mojang has put Foxy out of a Job

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Foxy questions if he should have spent all of his time making Vanilla Parity add-ons as Mojang keep adding these features to the game. Foxy and Slack also wonder why the Recipe Unlocking has come out of Experimental already when it's still missing significant parity features.

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Minecraft - 1.20.10 (Bedrock)

Minecraft Beta & Preview -


Player takes fall damage if they stand on an opened chest at Y=63 or Y=62

Good Ideas Bin

New Game Modes
- Paid DLC of Game Modes including an RPG style game instead of spin off games.
- Suggested by Foxy and Slack

FOV to be implemented into the Camera Command
- Suggested by Foxy

Smart Glass
- When powering glass with redstone, it becomes opaque
- Suggested by Borenzo

Beacon Registry
- Beacon positions are stored in a registry in the database, so they don't need to be loaded to provide effects to the player
- This way they can have an increased range with more layers
- Suggested by kentuckyhick, modified by Foxy and Slack

Dark Mode for the in game UI
- Suggested by Borenzo

Statistics in game like JAVA
- Suggested by lucyyyy

Dynamic Lighting
- Suggested by GlobalRhino9115, modified by Foxy and Slack

Wandering Traders only spawn at villages with bells
- Sugggested by Cai800, modified by Foxy and Slack

Wear a banner like Pillager Captains
- Suggested by Slick Person

Fun Ideas Bin

Horizontal Fence Posts and Iron Bars
- Suggested by JenFire

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