71: Foxy Noddle

They keep breaking my add-ons!

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In this episode Foxy and Slack get annoyed with changes to how add-ons work in the latest Minecraft Bedrock Preview, while also being happy with the changes to how add-ons work in the latest Minecraft Bedrock Preview!

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Minecraft Beta & Preview -

Good Ideas Bin

Lava Conduit
Found in a new unique, under-lava, structure in the nether.
Gives fire resistance in a radius around it and allows you to see under the lava.
- Suggested by Mossy, Modified by Foxy and Slack

Banner Patterns on Elytra
Apply banners to your elytra like you can on a shield
- Suggested by MacSjon, Modified by Foxy and Slack

Sleeping Bag (Bed Roll)
Allows you to sleep the night without setting your spawn point
- Suggested by RotatedOwlFace

JAVA Map Marker Parity with Banners
- Suggested by Lucyyyy

Smaller Redstone Dust Hitbox
So you can click the block below without breaking the redstone
- Suggested by Xenon 177

Randomized Structures
Jungle Temples, Desert Temples etc have different ways of generating with a variety of puzzles, rooms, traps and loot.
- Suggested by Pixelated

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