70: On Purposes

Suspicious Secret Hotfix Security Update

Episode Hosts

In this episode Foxy gets upset that Twitter deleted his carefully created lists that he uses for gathering Minecraft News for the Podcast. Foxy and Slack discuss the Minecraft Bedrock 1.20.1 Hotfix release that seems totally pointless on the surface, but maybe there's more to it that Mojang aren't telling us about!

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Minecraft Beta & Preview -

Minecraft - 1.20.1 (Bedrock)


Calibrated sculk sensor and sticky pistons not updating correctly

Not able to sprint jump

Sometimes my shield is in my head and I see nothing

Missing all back items in character creator

Good Ideas Bin

Any item can be crafted into a sticker and stuck on anything. Including shulker boxes, floors, walls, ceilings etc.
- Suggested by Whitebush, modified by Foxy and Slack

Diamond Shears
Also Gold & Netherite
- Suggested by MeIsJohn

Torch Flowers give you immunity to Darkness Effect for 30 Seconds
- Suggested by TinyRacoon

Homing Horses
Use a Lodestone with a horse to have it automatically ride to the destination
- Suggested by GAABTY

Rotating Block
A piston like block that rotates at 45 degree angles
- Suggested by Nobody2023

Fun Ideas Bin

Camels go faster when near mobs
So you can put zombies in boats on leads, drag them behind you while you're on your camel and have a reverse dog sled!
- Suggested by TinyRacoon

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