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In this episode Foxy and Slack talk about what's coming after Minecraft 1.20 and the new JAVA parity features coming in 1.20.10 for Bedrock Edition. They also talk about bugs, answer questions and go through a bunch of feedback and wishes sent in from the listeners.

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Minecraft 1.20 Release Date Confirmed: June 7th 2023

Minecraft: Java Edition - 1.20 Pre-release 6

Minecraft: Java Edition - 1.20 Pre-release 7

Minecraft: Java Edition - 1.20 Release Candidate 1

Minecraft Beta & Preview -


Villagers despawn when breaking boat in the nether

Good Ideas Bin

More signs including Iron, Emerald, Diamond etc
- Suggested by LemonAiden, modified by Foxy and Slack

1 inventory slot that can contain up to a stack of rockets.
Can hover until rockets run out.
- Suggested by Foxy and Slack

Fun Ideas Bin

A way to spawn mobs in survival
Possibly by brewing a potion / catching a mob or other means
- Suggested by Ubiquatix

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