Minecraft Legends is Seriously Lacking

Should it be Free-To-Play?

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In this episode Foxy and Slack talk about the Minecraft 1.20 previews and betas, what they've done in Minecraft and of course there's quite a long discussion about Minecraft Legends. Minecraft Legends is a really promising game, but it's so lacking in depth, Foxy things it should be free-to-play and monetized by the Marketplace.

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Minecraft Beta & Preview -

Minecraft Beta & Preview -

Minecraft: Java Edition - Snapshot 23w16a


Building straight up pushes player off the block, causing fall

Cannot turn head

Zombie villagers don't drop equipment when cured

Placing blocks at y=256 is inconsistent and laggy on realms and solo world

iOS crashes if you play with internet on

Good Ideas Bin

Superfast hoppers like in the April Fools Update
- Suggested by Marabelljade

Item frames on minecarts
- Suggested by bigbluedog

Use an echo shard to re-activate a player placed sculk shrieker
- Suggested by Teryte

Dyable sea lanterns with the 16 current MC colours
- Suggested by JenFire

Mending tools and armour, when equipped to an armour stand
To collect XP (from an XP farm for example)
- Suggested by unsure1979

Tracer Arrows
- Suggested by LemonAiden, modified by Foxy and Slack

Marketplace shows maps / packs you can afford
Based on how many Minecoins you have
- Suggested by Lacoolguy

Ladders and Chests in different wood types
- Suggested by Beckham

Fun Ideas Bin

Blocks of raw ores should be able to smelt into their respective block of ore
- Suggested by Jayzer

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