What's in a name?

Minecraft Vote Update stole our ideas!

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In this episode Foxy and Slack talk about changing the podcast name, what they've done in Minecraft and of course there's quite a long discussion about Minecraft's April Fool's update, The Vote Update. The Vote Update has so many of the ideas out of our Good Ideas bin, it seems Jeff has finally managed to start getting them into the game!

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Minecraft Beta & Preview -

Minecraft: Java Edition - Snapshot 23w14a

Minecraft Icons Changing

April Fools Update


(minecraft:born_screamer) spawn event not working

Good Ideas Bin

Make any block emit light by clicking with a Glow Ink Sac
They would work light light blocks, starting at light level 1 and adding more light the more Glow Ink you use on each block.
- Suggested by FlyingRedRabbit, Modified by Foxy and Slack

Make any stone block type mossy
Inludes deepslate and other stone block types
Click on a block with moss and remove moss with an axe. Like Copper blocks but using moss item instead.
- Suggested by Preston, Modified by Foxy and Slack

Feed Pitcher Plants Rotten Flesh for Rooted Dirt
- Suggested by notsobluesheep

Grappling Hooks
- Suggeted by JenFire

Fun Ideas Bin

Sticky Boots to walk up walls
- Suggested by JenFire

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